Values Precede Vision

Have you asked yourself this key question- Why do I do what I do?

Living from our values is significantly different than pursuing goals.  Many people set goals (expected outcomes) for their life, or for the year, and they identify those goals as their vision.  Then they develop plans that are meant to reach those goals.  The trouble is that such a vision is outcome focused rather than integrity focused. 

To help find the answer to why you do what you define your values.

Values lead to vision and ultimately to how you live your life.  Defining vision can be tricky.  If the focus is on expected outcomes, you end up defining vision as foreseeing what you hope to accomplish someday.  True vision is who we are to be today. 

A good exercise is to write out your top 5 Values:







Then take a couple of minutes and write down a brief draft of your personal philosophy.

Then create a short life motto:

Examples: – “Integrity before all else”… “Excellence in effort”…”Reaching my potential”…

It's easy to let one’s self-esteem be closely tied to outcomes; income, weight, etc., Far better to let your self-esteem be tied to living true to your values.

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