I have never been much motivated by money. Don't get me wrong I have worked for money and on several occasions I worked doing jobs that I didn't much like just so I could make money (a fact that I'm not particularly proud of), but money has never been all that inspiring to me.

As a sales manager I was inspired by the improvement in others, as a business owner I was inspired by the results we produced for our clients and the value my clients brought to others.

When Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Bran Tracy, Deepak Chopra and so many other luminaries were clients of mine I remember many times looking around at the audience members in huge ballrooms and feeling very blessed to have been able to play a part in connecting those people with the information provided by "my speaker".

Today I often feel the same way about my coaching clients. I love to be a part of their success and being partly responsible for connecting their clients with them. This is rewarding to me. Of course the money is necessary and I am glad to earn it… but the money alone just doesn't inspire me much.

I notice as I look at The Greatest Gifts of All; what we choose to Believe, how we use our Free Will, how we Communicate with ourselves and others and all of the other Gifts, none have anything to do with the amount of money we do, or don't, make… they have to do with HOW WE LIVE.

Do we live a Prudent, Hopeful life?  Do we have Faith and express our Love to others? Do we Bestow the Gifts we have on others?

The Greatest Gifts of All allow us to live lives that have meaning, lives that transcend fulfilling our basic needs, lives that are TRULY significant, fulfilled happy.

For me living a life that is significant means living a life that touches others, my family, my friends, my clients and even those who I don't know in a positive way.

What adds significance to your life?

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