Selfishly Strengthening Your Faith

As I mentioned in Gift 7 developing my Faith was a difficult Gift for me to receive.

I'm not talking about accepting the dogma or scripture of religious faith; I'm talking about developing my personal faith in Spirit.

Now what do we do when we need to bolster our faith? When we get knocked for a loop and need to find a way to see clear again?

My practice and my advice is to seek knowledge that challenges or reinforces our core beliefs. Faith is built through certainty and certainty is developed through education.

Here's some information that I hope will either build your faith… or challenge your current beliefs.


Once you have watched this video read this:

Here are 2 excerpts:

Let’s see if I’ve got the gist of your theory straight. Essentially, you’re saying that at least some basic degree of consciousness is woven into the fabric of spacetime itself, and it’s the coherent quantum activity among the microtubules in our brain that allows us to amplify or strengthen the basic universal consciousness that’s already there?

If you ask me “Does God exist?” and you mean “Does God exist in the sense of the white-bearded guy who handed tablets to Moses on the mountain?,” the answer is no. But if you ask me “Does God exist in the sense that consciousness, awareness, and purpose exist in the most basic fabric of the universe?,” I would say it’s a distinct possibility that the answer is yes.

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