Santa for a New Age

MY FACEBOOK FRIEND SAID- In my effort to think about what I wanted for Christmas I have come to realize how difficult the task is. When I was little, before the age of eight anyway, the idea seemed to consume me. By the age of fifteen, I realized Christmas wishes were for other people. Since then I became consumed with what other people wanted. The gift of giving! I am sixty now and I just found out there really is a Santa. I have truly been trying to focus upon what I want for Christmas and find I have lost the ability to want, really want something for Christmas. Or maybe I just lost the ability to focus.  How much time do I have?

I RESPONDED- You have hit on something that is very important and profound. As Santa Claus for a new age, both in the sense of a more enlightened time and in light of the fact that we are now in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rather than being 5, 6 or 7, I have some thoughts about the point you have raised.

 You are finding it difficult to “want” something. Here’s why, you now realize that you have all that you need. From the age of 15 or so you have realized that the Greatest Gift you can receive is the feeling of having Spirit flow through you. The vessel of your love from Spirit is full and you allow it to overflow into others. You live the experience what I experience. Your “Santa gene” is turned on. You have not lost the ability to focus; you have lost the desire to focus on you. 

I think you know exactly what you want for Christmas; you want the Light to continue to overflow through you and into all those you come in contact with. You want to be an expression of joy, compassion and love. You want to demonstrate thoughtfulness and understanding. You want to live aligned with your highest values and live true to your highest purpose. You want to live in grace and allow Spirit to work through you.

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  1. In 1884, Clement Moore claimed authorship of "T'was the Night Before Christmas." It was first published in 1823. Regardless of who wrote it, this poem is now, in 2013, read in many homes on Christmas Eve. Before we know it will be two hundred years since it was first published. Isn't that amazing? When I read it with my old eyes and weary heart I see so much more in this poem than I have ever seen before. The words let me know that prior to whatever Christmas means to any of us, there was nothing there before. Nothing stirred, empty vessels filled with nothing but hope, our future, our children all snug in their beds…sleeping, dreaming…waiting. And then….with a clatter! St. Nick should appear…the spirit of giving, but also someone who when met with an obstacle would mount the sky. LOL This little poem is so powerful. I hope you read it with eyes to see, hears to hear and a heart full of the love I know you have.

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