Santa Ed Appears on MTV

Saturday afternoon, while I was eating an excellent catered lunch on the “Lucy Stage” (the home of the I Love Lucy show at The Lucy Stge Ridiculousness 2Hollywood Center Studio), it dawned on me, I’m an entertainer.

A few minutes earlier I appeared on Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show “Ridiculousness” with Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I loved entertaining the studio audience of 100 or so and I loved the thought of entertaining the millions of home viewers who will see the show when it airs on December 1st.

I appeared on the show as Santa Claus and my personal mission was to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in the hearts and minds of all who watch the show. At the same time I had to be fun, funny and entertaining. I think I accomplished all of my objectives.

Ridiculousness CastTwo years ago I would never have even imagined having this experience and 4 days ago I lived it, and LOVED it.

A while back one of my clients said “I love the way you continually re-invent yourself.” Reinvent myself… hmmm… I don’t see it quite that way. I think I’m simply discovering myself and discovering new things about myself.

I love to discover new things about myself, expand my comfort zones and increase my personal impact. I also love to live an adventure. I love to think that I entertain people, make them smile and increase their happiness. And, hopefully, I also inspire people by both my words and deeds.

As my old friend Tony Robbins says, “The past does not equal the future”. 2 years from now you can be experiencing things that you can’t even imagine today. 2 weeks from now new doors cans swing open and 2 minutes from now you can take an action that moves you in an exciting, fulfilling, new direction.

All the best,

2 thoughts on “Santa Ed Appears on MTV”

  1. Awesome, Ed! Congrats & I hope the exposure brings lots of work & many children's smiley faces! You do have the gift!! Love ya!

  2. Awesome is you, Santa Ed, You give us a great gift of love. Hard to find nowadays. So thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with the rest of us. You are a wise and funny man. Beautiful wife, Mrs. Claus, and lots of children. Which brings the Christ like in all of us to shine. Because you show and do it sooo well. Its special to all ages. Thanks for being you. Thanks for caring about us. We love you,always. Safe travels,Gods speed. Your friend.Barbie&Ken,family.

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