Should We Be Emotionally Naked to the World?

I'm torn.

There's a part of me that wants to just shout from the roof tops and say this is me, the whole me, the warts and ugliness and the unpleasant consequences brought about by irresponsible decisions and overly optimistic expectations.

But it's hard. What will people think?

What would YOU think if you knew the WHOLE me? How would I feel? Will I be embarrassed? Will I lose respect or esteem? Will I lose business? Should I care about any of these things?

Or will no one even notice or care? Would that be better or worse?

FYI- This article does a very good job of revealing what I'm dealing with-

So week 1 of this sabbatical has been interesting. (Do I even have a right to call this a sabbatical? Or is this just another way for me to avoid facing the harsh reality of my current situation?)

Here's what I know is true for me, and I suspect it's true for many others, though perhaps not as deliberately cultivated. When I'm honest with myself about where I am and the causes that got me here and once I accept responsibility, and take note of lessons learned, then what should I do next? Mope? Feel sorry for myself? Lay blame?

I have found that when I frame the negative events of my life, the most difficult learning experiences, in the most positive, life affirming, way I possibly can I like myself better. I don't do this out of denial and it's not Pollyannaism.

I'm simply happier when I consciously choose optimism over pessimism. I love what Helen Keller said on this subject… "…since I consider it a duty to myself and to others to be happy, I escape a misery worse than any physical deprivation."

I too consider it a DUTY to myself, to you, and others, to be happy. Regardless of my circumstances I choose to believe that it's my DUTY to choose to be happy.

What are your beliefs around happiness? Do you consider it a duty?

Are you using all of tools available to you to maximize your happiness? A little food for thought. I'm looking forward to taking with you soon.

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