My Daughter’s Wedding- A New Emotion

My only daughter was married last Saturday… and it was amazing!

Tears? Yes, I shed a few. Laughter? Yes, a LOT.

But here's what surprised me, after the wedding I felt a calm, a sort of inner release. It was as if I knew she was going to be in good hands.

I'm not sure but this may be a very typical father of the bride response, but I don't think I'm a very typical father of the bride (but perhaps I am). I have ALWAYS known she was going to be alright. She was a wonderful child who has grown into a wonderful woman. I have never worried about her. So why the "ahhhh, she is in good hands" feeling?

I don't know the answer, but I do know this- it has to do with love. The grooms love for my daughter, her love for him and my love for both of 0786a7d20bwebthem… and the love my wife and I share. Somehow I know that my wife completes me even though I am also capable of being complete on my own.

I don't have the words to describe the emotion I experienced for the first time after the wedding, but it was good.

2 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Wedding- A New Emotion”

  1. Congratulations, you have extended family and maybe………grandpa-ship , in the future?    It's a life changing event, I KNOW!!



  2. Perhaps, even though you know we are all capable of being alone and standing on our own feet, you also know that it is easier when you have someone who loves you completely. A partner in life. Your daughter has had a wonderful example of a happy marriage to follow. Now she moves on to create her own place in the world and you know it will be a place filled with love. What a wonderful blessing. That would give any parent reason for calm and serenity as his or her child heads out into the world.  Sending prayers that theirs is a house filled with love, joy, plenty, and excellent health!

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