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I was surprised to learn that more than 4,000 people per day use Google, Bing and Yahoo to search on "make me happy".  After I heard that I Googled it myself. What are people finding when they search on "make me happy"?

Well, I found the song "Makes Me Happy" by Drake Bell showed up several times and a Wikipedia page about the song so perhaps that's what these searchers were looking for, but I also found several websites that had to do with becoming happy, things that make us happy and even an article on the "10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy".

Have you ever asked yourself "what is it that will make me happy?" Have you found an answer? I have, and it wasn't on Google.

I am happy to say that I have been living happy for a long time… as I started thinking deeply about my personal happiness several things became very apparent to me. First I noticed that I simply care less about many things than some of my less happy friends. I don't really care who wins a game, or if the traffic is slow, or if someone flips me off… I just don't. These things, and many more, are just not that important to me… I simply do not care about them.

I also noticed that I'm very content to let people experience their own lives. I don't feel compelled to change people, even my children, parents, siblings and wife, it's very OK with me that they live their lives the way they see fit. They are on their path and even if I could "change them" or "do for them" that would rob them of their experience of life.  I share who I am and what I believe when asked or in family conversations, but I have no interest in persuading them or changing them. I'm content to take my path and allow everyone else can take theirs, without my judgment and without me holding some feeling that they, or I, should do anything different than what they, or I, are doing.

There was a short time when I shut happiness out of my life. I was heavy with regret, sorrow and shame when my finances were in ruins, I'm very happy to say that my happiness returned long before my finances recovered. Much of my perspnal happiness is the result of a decision to accept what is, and making a choice to live in optimism and gratitude.

The fact is this, "The Greatest Gifts of All" website is an experiment in spreading happiness… it's a happiness project. The 9 Gifts that I cover in the videos are all about increasing happiness. Both GRATITUDE and OPTIMISM are among "The Greatest Gifts of All" and videos on these Gifts are in the works right now.

In her very academic and scientific book "The How of Happiness" Dr. Sonja Lubomirsky writes; "It is a truism that how you think- about yourself, your world, and other people- is more important to your happiness than the objective circumstances of your life." She then goes into a full chapter on practicing gratitude. The-How-of-Happiness-cover-Sonja-LubomirskyDr. Lubomirsky's research and studies clearly show that the question, "What makes me happy?", is often answered in a single word GRATITUDE.

As I mentioned earlier I have been living a happy life for a very long time. For the past few years I have also been studying happiness, both my personal experience of happiness, and the research done by many experts and academics. As a result of these studies it has become very clear to me that when you ask the question: "What makes me happy?" The best answer is not to be found on Google, or anywhere else "out there", happiness is "in here". Look inside, spend some time meditating, spend time being gratefu and try caring a bit less about all of the things that are outside of your control.

Happiness, true, authentic, happiness is available to you right now, regardless of your circumstances. I encourage you to fully receive The Greatest Gifts of All and share them with those you care about.

All the best,

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