Let Your BEING Determine Your DOING

Nearly every day I check IN with myself by asking WHY?

Why am I doing what I'm doing? Am I on track? Am I living aligned with my soul's purpose?

I've found that for me, at this stage in my existence, being aligned with my WHY is essential.

In order to feel good about what I do I must feel good about WHY I'm doing it.

Another way to say this is that my DOING must be in alignment with my BEING.

My BEING, my Higher Self, must be the source of why I do what I do.

I hope this makes sense for you.

When what I do is aligned with who I am, my true being, my Higher Self, I feel contented, fulfilled and connected to source.

How about you? Is your doing propelled by your being? Do you even think this is important or even possible for you?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts…

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