I Make Santa Claus Feel Disgraceful

If you follow me on Facebook you know I post a lot (some say too much). I post about what I’m doing, the auditions, TV shows and commercials I’m on and pretty much everything  SantaEdFBPAgeelse I do. I have fun doing it and from the comments I get I believe a lot of people enjoy reading my posts and seeing my photos. While I’m certainly aware that I can’t please all of the people all of the time, and I’m very accepting of that. One of my Facebook friends, a Santa, interpreted my Facebook posts in a way that is completely opposite of what I intended.  Here’s what he wrote:

10-26-13 12:43am

ED Taylor SIR: No disrespect, I am a 74 year old man; I have been Santa Claus since I was a Boy Scout. When I read Remarks such as yours I ask myself, why in the hell have I suffered and give. I paid $140.00 the best 3/4 of my whole being trying to be someone who helps anyone? Just for a Chain for my car (HE HAS A FUN HOME MADE RED CAR THAT USES A CHAIN) so I could make others happy. I used to give even my families survival money when people needed help. But Sir; when I read your stuff, you make me feel so disgraceful. I am sorry; I just wonder sometimes what some of the awesome things you have done to be able to claim such a higher position than any other trying to bring happiness to others. Do you get paid for any of your services? I have never been paid I pay myself even many times for the Gifts I deliver. When I read your site I feel so worthless. This year has been the most disappointing year of my life. It seems as though I am a nothing. I am almost ashamed to post anything anymore.

My Response-

Thank you for your message. I’m SORRY. I'm not sure what I possibly could have said that would have you think I have claimed a higher position than anyone. I certainly do not feel that way. I’m simply a 59 year old man who is enthusiastic about his life. Like you, I have spent many years reaching out to those I can serve. I try live my life as I see Santa Claus in today’s society.

Every time I’m in public I do my best to live true to my interpretation of Santa. I bring joy and smiles to those who greet me in stores, restaurants or wave to me while I’m driving. In every public appearance I make, both live and on TV, I strive to bring joy and happiness and to remind people of the true Spirit of Santa Claus.

As to your question about being paid- Yes, I always get paid emotionally and I believe spiritually. I also frequently get paid financially (I also make many appearances each year for which I am not paid financially). But I do not do any of these things, or most anything else in my life, ‘for the money’; I do what I do in order to live into the full expression of who I am. To live true to my beliefs and values… and, I hope, to have a positive impact on the lives I touch, including yours.

If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. If there is anything I can do to help those you serve please do not hesitate to ask.

I wish you all the best and thank you for being a point of light to all of the lives you have touched over the years. You are a blessing.

All the Best,
Santa Ed Taylor


I would LOVE TO HEAR your thoughts or comments?


2 thoughts on “I Make Santa Claus Feel Disgraceful”

  1. Raymond,

    My sweet sweet man. Let me thank you for those times you brought joy, laughter and resilience back into those lives who needed it right at that moment. So oftern those of us who give, who give in faith, expecting nothing in return, we give because we know there is a need. You Raymond must have been a man such as this. Thank you for being you. You have given freely of your time and your money and perhaps it is your time to receive. Sometimes for those of us who gives without question it is so difficult for us to receive. Because of people like you, there are those who have the belief and the faith to share just as you have done. Take care


  2. Dear Ed,

    As someone who went to high school with you I can say you have always been Santa. Whether you are creating our website or helping a family at Christmas, visiting the elderly, whatever it is; you are , "the greatest example of service and love I know." I am honored to know you and your sweet wife Lori, and to have known of you for many years.  It is a shame that your your poster does not know you as well as we all do or he would understand. 

    I think of you both as angels put on this earth to help others by bring joy into their lives. My wish is that Raymond will know that everything he has done,has been done out of the same love, to bring the same joy that you have. Please never give up Raymond or feel that way. You never know what those random acts of kindness mean.

    I have a deep love and respect for scouting. Two of my older brothers  are Eagle Scouts. They have been my examples of service since I was very small. In the end it is about Loving God, Loving your Country and Loving your fellow man. At least that is what my parents taught us. For me that includes service however you perceive it. Please don't ever change,either one of you.




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