Find Your Inner Smile

"Most of the time, I don't have very much fun, and the rest of the time I have no fun at all," quipped Woody Allen.

There are times when life can get so crazy, busy and demanding that we end up setting our sights on getting through the day rather than genuinely enjoying the day.

We run on autopilot. We are reactive rather than creative. We get into a mode. Life becomes a daily blur. 

Be Jolly Exercise: Studies show that most people who score higher levels of happiness do not experience markedly better life circumstances. So why are they so happy?

Well, one answer is they know how to enjoy their life. The word "enjoy" means to bring joy to something. Today's assignment is to find your inner smile by reminding yourself

  1. What energizes you
  2. What you love 
  3. What inspires you.

Memo to self: Remember to enjoy the miracle of existence today.

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