Dreams, Visions, What’s and Why’s

I have been in Southern California now for 11 days, 105 more days to go. It’s weird.

I’m staying with my sister and her son in Orange County while I’m looking for a place to rent closer to where the auditions and “shoots” happen in the Hollywood/Burbank/Santa Monica area about 50 miles away. Rents are high in LA. The population is dense and the pace is fast, even when the traffic is congested. All of this is the exact opposite of my slow paced small town home in rural southern Oregon.

More than once I have asked myself “what am I doing here?” and, “is it worth it?”

I could be at home with my wife enjoying the view as summer slips into autumn. But I choose to stay here in So Cal- Why?

WHY I’m here has to do with a vision that is much bigger than what I’m doing here… here’s what I mean…

WHAT I’m doing here is making myself available for TV commercials and programs as Santa Claus and meeting people, but WHY I’m here is much bigger and more significant than that. Why I’m here is because I see being here as being on the path to my bigger dream… I’m in the process of realizing my vision of myself.

Over the past few years I have felt a calling… a calling to bring more joy, light and happiness into the world… and to do it my way and in a big way.

Somehow being in Hollywood and associated with the entertainment industry seems connected to this larger vision. I’m not sure exactly why or how. It could be as simple as the money; a national commercial, or a series of national commercials could pay very well. It could be something more subtle or circuitous. Whatever the reason I feel drawn to be here now.

Yes, I have my questioning moments, my “have I gone nuts?” thoughts and my occasional, “I should just go back home” feelings… but I also have a guiding inner voice which keeps me on my path, and a vision that allows me to see past the inconveniences of the moment to the realization of a greater life purpose.

One more thing that keeps me keep’n on… I LOVE what I do. I love being recognized as Santa Claus as I’m walking, driving or riding my bike. I love hearing the calls- “Santa!” Santa on Bikeand seeing the eyes light up and the smiles beam. I know that I am blessed and I’m thankful for the gifts that I can share. I feel the love every single day and it is amazing.

My hope for you is, if you have not already, that you find the passion that is in your heart. I hope you will take time daily to be still. I hope you will learn to hear your inner voice and follow your guidance… and have understanding people in your life who support you in spite of, or perhaps because of, your weirdness.

All the best,

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