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Like many people in recent years I have been awakening, awakening to the interconnection of all things, awakening to Source. I have also been awakening to who I am and discovering my life purpose and true vocation.

My journey of manifesting my spirituality into my life, my core beliefs and my daily actions was, and is, a process. The “What would Jesus do?” question serves as a guide for many of my actions. Remembering this guiding question is not “What would Jesus think?” it’s what would he DO. This is key to me.

You may have heard the old parable:

"God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand.

"Ah, Truth," he said.

"Here, give it to me," the devil said. "I'll organize it."

I do believe the devil is often in the details of organizations. That is among the reasons I have chosen to be spiritual but not religious.  But because of my choice to not associate with a religious organization I do not have access to the framework and structure that most religions have developed to help their members “live their faith”, things like community projects, support systems for members, etc.

So how do I express my Spirituality? How do live my faith?

12 Symtoms of Awakening

First, I don’t believe exchange is the proper method for expressing Spiritual connectedness. Don’t get confused, I believe exchange of goods and services is a huge benefit to communities and to us as humans. What I’m saying here is that in addition to exchange there is also something different. This different thing is doing good “for goodness sake”. Expressing our interconnectedness because of how it makes us feel, not because of what we will get.

Some will say this is just semantics, the exchange is just different, instead of time for money it’s time for an internal feeling.  Perhaps they are correct. And perhaps making love with a near stranger evokes the same feelings as making love with a person you are in love with, but it doesn’t. The feelings are vastly different and the difference isn’t physical, the difference, in my humble opinion, is Spiritual.

Back to my point, how do you, or I, express our Spirituality? How do we “do” what Jesus would do?

Here’s what I’m doing…

I’m expressing my Spirituality by bringing smiles. Of course I do that by being Santa Claus, and I also do it by being positive and enthusiastic with everyone I talk with. By being an intelligent optimist I shed light into darkness and I strive to be an example of living in Light.  

For me, for now, this is enough.

How about you? What are you doing as a result of your Spiritual Awakening?

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