Connecting with Our High Self

During the last web meeting we had some excellent conversations. One of the areas of discussion was the concept of Higher Self. In my experience the ability to recognize, and "connect with", my Higher Self has become the foundation on which a truly happy, contented and fulfilled life of meaning is being realized.

Here's one of the questions that came up… and my answer to it.

What are you referring to when you say your "Higher Self"?

Higher Self is the name I give to that source of non-physical perception we each have.  You know, those higher feelings and understandings that emanate from a source other than our senses. The Greatest Gifts of All allow us to live in greater harmony with these feelings and understandings.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what the Higher Self is and about any of your Higher Self experiences.

I was also asked how I connect with my Higher Self.

Here's my answer to that question…

In those first few days and weeks after I started sleeping and becoming re-oxygenated again after years of deprivation I was regularly asking myself "What now?"

I was very much in a process of physically and mentally rediscovering myself. At the same time I was, for the first time ever, spiritually discovering myself. It was during this time when I was thinking/daydreaming about "What now?" that I first started getting a feeling that I was being "talked to" from an external source rather than "thinking about" something internally. This feeling grew into an awareness of something that is much more like a dialog than wandering thoughts.

electromagnetic_fieldOver the years this has become more "on demand". It's almost like I can pick up a phone and call my Higher Self, it's as if I am more attuned to the frequency of the communication and it's much easier to recognize it and dial it in. This has become increasingly easy for me over time. In the beginning I needed quiet to make this happen, now I can be driving the car, or even typing this response to the question.

To be clear, this is NOT about visualizing anything. This is about receiving something. You can visualize, or imagine, a conversation or a piece of music but that is not the same as having the conversation or listening to the music. What I'm talking about is the actual experience of having the conversation or "listening to" the message.

My communications with, and a growing commitment to live in alignment with my Higher Self has been the pivot point on which my entire life has changed direction. I now operate much more from my center, my chosen beliefs and conscious values, and much less as a result of external circumstances or communications.   

While I have certainly benefited from many of the Greatest Gifts of All prior to connecting with my Higher Self, especially the Gifts of Communication, Hope, Faith and Love, the Gifts of Vocation and Agency only became available to me after I had recognized my Higher Self.

What are your thoughts and experiences with your Higher Self? Please share them below, I would love to hear from you. Also, my Pay What You Wish "Receive The Gifts Coaching" is available if you would like to speak privately. 

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