Get Out of Your Head!

The MOST DIFFICULT thing I have done in a VERY long time is taking the Improv Class I’m currently enrolled in. The teacher, Greg Hoyt ( is great, my classmates are wonderful and supportive… my “problem” is me. My “natural way of being” is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what of what I think is expected …

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Year+ Sabbatical Comes to an End

60 weeks ago I announced (  ) that my wife and I had embarked on what we intended as a yearlong sabbatical. Our intention was to focus on our health, spiritual/personal development and new vocational pursuits… and what an amazing 60 weeks it has been. Lori’s lifelong love of “making something from nothing” has …

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It’s Time to Go Deep

The days are getting longer… we're moving from Darkness to Light. Even though for many of us the coldest days of winter ahead, the presence of more sunlight warms our hearts with hope and anticipation of what lies ahead. Now is the time for thoughtfulness and daydreams. A time for deep thoughts… enjoy one of …

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