9 of Life’s Greatest Gifts – LIVE web meeting

Wednesday, April 24th from 6:00 – 7:30PM Pacific Time I will be hosting "9 of Life's Greatest Gifts" web meeting

Learning to add more Happiness, Joy and deeper Meaning to our lives is the topic of the evening.9 Greatest Gifts allow us to improve the way we experience every aspect of our lives. 

The challenge for many people today is that our lives have become so busy, and so full of distractions and societal expectations, that we lose sight of what is truly important. We forget that these life enhancing Gifts are available to us. We live in stress and disharmony. 


In this session you will discover how to benefit from these 9 Greatest Gifts regardless of your life's current circumstances

There will be live Q & A during the meeting.

The meeting is FREE. Reserve your seat and get the access information at-

You will learn very simple, proven, techniques to make very positive changes in your life and in your destiny. 

Gift 1 changes the lens through which you see your life.

Gift 2 makes all of your decisions easier to make.

Gift 3 improves relationships and the language of your thoughts.

Gift 4 aligns you with your true calling.

Gift 5 assures your better future.

Gift 6 helps you through the dark times.

Gift 7 provides inner strength & confidence.

Gift 8 changes the way you express love.

Gift 9 adds meaning and purpose to your life.

This 90 minute session includes an interactive Q& A.

After each Gift is revealed you also be given a "fully receive it" exercise which will make it easier for you to fully receive and benefit from each of these 9 Greatest Gifts.

Reserve your seat and get the access information at- https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/517899994

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