Year+ Sabbatical Comes to an End

60 weeks ago I announced (  ) that my wife and I had embarked on what we intended as a yearlong sabbatical. Our intention was to focus on our health, spiritual/personal development and new vocational pursuits… and what an amazing 60 weeks it has been.

Lori’s lifelong love of “making something from nothing” has bloomed into some amazing original artwork. Her creativity has also been expressed in several new websites she has made for some of our Garden Glow 2015own personal projects as well as for some of our “Santa friends”.

And too I have made a huge transition. I’ve left the work I spent the last 20 years doing behind and I’ve embarked on a new project that I could not be more excited about. I’m helping people 50+ become successful “Encore Entrepreneurs”.  I wrote a book, developed a seminar and a 7 week course all designed to help baby boomers more fully enjoy their 60’s & 70’s.

Santa Ed with EE books 03-06-15 400This sabbatical has helped me identify and prioritize the most important elements in my life. Spending time with, loving and encouraging my family. Using my experience and strengths to help others. Building a substantial financial nest egg.   

With those things firmly in mind Lori and I will end our sabbatical in 2 weeks. We’ll be spending much of the next 6 months in Southern California further developing our “bodies of work” and the distribution channels we’ll use to allow our work to reach and serve large numbers of people.

Are you ready to take a break from your routine to do something new, stimulating and different?

Remember, you can work while on a sabbatical, the idea would be for the work to do something you aren’t now doing, perhaps writing a book. For me, I earned a very nice income while on sabbatical, and I did a bunch of new, exciting, things. And you don’t need a year… perhaps a week would work.

I think you could use your vacation time as a sabbatical, the distinction would be to use the time to be more introspective rather than distracted.

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