Are Your Own Thoughts LYING to You?

I really enjoy spending time thinking.

One of the things I most enjoy thinking about is thinking itself. I'm talking about the process of thinking about my thoughts and how my beliefs, values and experiences affect my thought process. 

Recently I have spending many hours thinking about something called Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive (which means thinking or understanding) Dissonance (which means disharmony or conflict). We experience Cognitive Dissonance when what we think conflicts or is not in harmony with something we are seeing or hearing or experiencing.

Here's what interesting and why I'm paying so much attentions to this… when we experience Cognitive Dissonance we tend to lie to ourselves. We conjure things up to make the facts fit our beliefs, or worse yet, our minds close, and we simply disregard or dismiss conflicting thoughts without testing or even allowing for the possibility of their validity.

Here's tired but poignant example…

If you are in a place where it is safe to do so close your eyes and imagine with me for a minute.

Imagine your arm is slightly bent at the elbow and your palm is up and I gently place a bowling ball in your hand.  In your left hand imagine you have a golf ball. Image feeling the weight of each ball. Now, if you can, imagine straightening your elbow. How long could you hold each ball out in front of you with your arms straight… the bowling ball maybe a few seconds, the golf perhaps many minutes.

Now, imagine if you were to drop both balls from the Golden Gate bridge which would make the biggest splash? The bowling ball. It's bigger and heavier. Which would hit the water first? Hmmm… The golf ball and bowling ball would hit the water at the same time. 

Watch this video and see how we rationalize our wrong thinking…

Doesn't it seem SO LOGICAL that the big, heavy, bowling ball would hit the water first? 

Of course. But the fact is it doesn't. The balls both hit the ground at the same time. Google it if you want to know why.

Why would people say the first answer? Remember that essentially all ideas are based on something. Even if they are wrong, they should make some sort of sense otherwise we would just be crazy, right? The idea that a heavy object falls faster does seem to agree with our everyday observations.

This is also the reason so many of us persist in believing things that are just not true. Logical… but not true.

One of the things I most value is my capacity to make rational informed decisions, my autonomy.

One of my beliefs is that people, especially marketers and advertisers, but also well meaning family and friends, songs, books, movies and our own interpretation of events ALL have an effect on our thinking. 

Here are a few examples…

Love means never… having to say you're sorry (of course that's bunk but it influenced the thinking of many).

How about this from the Who in the early 70's 
When I want to go home I'm going mobile…

I hitched hiked North America in 1973… not because of this song… but looking back I think that song and others like Truckin' and Me, You and a Dog named Boo,  affected my thinking.

I'm pretty sure the TV commercials got me using Irish Spring soap back on the '70's or '80's…

Our thinking and our decisions are affected by all kinds of things…

Some as potentially innocent as a song and others as pointed as a TV commercial… the Marlboro Man also comes to mind.

For me thinking about my thinking and questioning why I do what I do allows me to feel that I am deliberately keeping my life on course and living true to my Higher Self.

Does what I'm saying here resonate with you? Do you take time daily, or very regularly, to think about your thing and why you do what you do?


I would love to hear your thoughts and what you do to make sure you stay on your divine path.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

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