Speaking (Santa Ed's Gift to YOU)

For many years Ed Taylor was one of the most sought after speakers in the country, often delivering 7 to 10 presentations per month with speaking fees ranging up to $7,500. His audiences consisted of entrepreneurs and his topics had to do with marketing. 

Today Ed's topic is a bit different, he speaks about achieving TRUE SUCCESS, HAPPINESS. This success is arrived at by finding THE PLACE where YOUR Deep Gladness and the WORLD's Deep Hunger meet.

Ed shares the story about how he started on a new, totally unanticipated, journey toward "THE PLACE" after volunteering as Santa Claus in 2003 when he was 49 years old. <

Through his own inspirational stories, and his 7 Step "Finding THE PLACE Process", Ed's audiances are captivated and transformed.

Santa Ed spreads joy and happiness while making people aware of the transformational "Gifts" we can receive by fine-tuning our Beliefs, Decisions, Communications, Vocation, Prudence, Hope, Faith, Love, and Bestowal.

Santa Ed's presentations always include practical "to do's", that allow his audiences to fully receive these Gifts in order to live more rewarding, fulfilled lives, rich with meaning and love, in spite of the difficulties and hardships we all experience. 

Speakers of Santa Ed's caliber and quality generally command fees of $9,500 or more plus expenses And, because Santa Ed is a true believer in the Santa Claus Principle, he will GIVE YOU HIS PRESENTATION AS GIFT. (He does ask that you cover his standard travel and lodging expenses)

What does he ask in return? For you to be on the Nice List of course, and if you were a child that would be enough, but as an adult, he asks a bit more of you. He asks that you also gift something to him. You get to determine what and how much. It can be money, your products or services, anything you choose, He simply asks that you gift him something… if you like. If you would prefer not to that's OK too.


"Santa" Ed Taylor on the Nancy Bloom Show