Questions & Answers

Q. What are the Greatest Gifts of All?

A. The Greatest Gifts of All are beliefs, virtues and practices that allow us to live in alignment with our Higher Self which allows us experience greater meaning, contentment, and true joy in our lives. 

Q. What is this website/project all about?


A. It's a community for those who would like to add more contentment to their lives. I'm sharing some what I call the Greatest Gifts of All. These are birthright, or God given, gifts that when fully received and integrated into our lives allow us to enjoy more fulfilled and contented lives.

Q. What are you referring to when you say your Higher Self?

A. Our Higher Self is the name I give to that source of non-physical perception we each have.  You know, those higher feelings and understandings that emanate from a source other than our senses. The Greatest Gifts of All allow us to live in greater harmony with those feelings and understandings. 

Q. What do you mean when you say "live into"?

A. To "live into" means you are living in alignment with your Higher Self. You are choosing to live, act and behave in ways that are consistent with your spiritual vision of yourself.    

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