May I ask a favor of you?

Everywhere I go I'm recognized as Santa Claus, in fact just today I was stopped at both the gas station and the grocery store and asked if I would take "selfies" with people. I LOVE IT!

Santa - Caught Being Nice

Each time I'm stopped I give away my "You Were Caught Being Nice" cards. People love them. There is nothing promotional about the cards. I'm NOT doing this to get business, I just think they're fun and it gives children and adults a little memento from their chance meeting with Santa Claus.

Now I want to add to that experience… and here's how you can help.

I just created a website,, and I'm putting the URL on the cards saying:

"FREE Gifts for you at"

On the website I'm going to add "Gifts" that will help keep the Spirit of Christmas alive all year long. The Gifts will be things like suggested family activities. For example I'll have suggestions and inscrtuctions for things like:

  • Family Games
  • Family Crafts
  • Family Cooking
  • Family Conversation starters
  • Family Outdoor activities

Here's where you can help me. Please send me your suggestions.

I'm primarily looking for things that can be done easily and at no, or low, cost.

I'm also looking for some "rules" for family activities. Perhaps things like no cell phones, no ridiculing or arguing, etc.

My hope is to create a rich resource of activities that help people experience the Spirit of Christmas all year long.

How do we experience the Spirit of Christmas?

We experience the Spirit of Christmas by demonstrating love and by being the recipient of demonstrated love. We demonstrate love by behaving in loving ways, by doing things that are considerate, compassionate, thoughtful and helpful; these are all human embodiments of the Christmas Spirit.

Relationships are the vehicles through which our love can be demonstrated and the "gifts" I'll be providing are intended to enrich relationships.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please leave them in the comment area below or email them to me at Santa at SantaEd dot com.

2 Responses to May I ask a favor of you?

  • Kay Maffei says:

    Hi Santa Ed,

    You noted family activities, but are you accepting ideas for individuals?  For example, putting money in the meter for the car parked next to you, if you see that their time has run out.

    Let me know.

    Hugs,  Kay



  • Janice Gabriel says:

    Ed, our family held weekly meetings. We took the opportunity to talk about anything anyone wanted to talk about. There was Mom, Dad, Billy, Sandy & me. They were short meetings…less than 30 minutes. We did not interrupt each other and this taught us good listening skills. Unfortunately, our last family meeting was November 19, 2012 when Dad passed away. We used the time to listen to his favorite Lawrence Welk music and sing songs. Dad went in and out of coherency but knew we were all there. It was a special time for all of us and helped put the finishing touches on our family tapesty that had begun being weaved over 50 years ago.

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