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Living Your Dreams- An Interview with Santa Ed

In December I was interviewed by Carla Lundblade. She asked excellent questions and I think you'll enjoy my responses. 

Carla Lundblade

A Challenge to EXPRESS Your Love

Understanding that love is a behavior helps me to fully receive the Gift of Love in my life.

Here's a personal example…

Santa for a New Age

MY FACEBOOK FRIEND SAID- In my effort to think about what I wanted for Christmas I have come to realize how difficult the task is. When I was little, before the age of eight anyway, the idea seemed to consume me. By the age of fifteen, I realized Christmas wishes were for other people. Since then I became consumed with what other people wanted. The gift of giving! I am sixty now and I just found out there really is a Santa. I have truly been trying to focus upon what I want for Christmas and find I have lost the ability to want, really want something for Christmas. Or maybe I just lost the ability to focus.  How much time do I have?

I RESPONDED- You have hit on something that is very important and profound. As Santa Claus for a new age, both in the sense of a more enlightened time and in light of the fact that we are now in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rather than being 5, 6 or 7, I have some thoughts about the point you have raised.

 You are finding it difficult to “want” something. Here’s why, you now realize that you have all that you need. From the age of 15 or so you have realized that the Greatest Gift you can receive is the feeling of having Spirit flow through you. The vessel of your love from Spirit is full and you allow it to overflow into others. You live the experience what I experience. Your “Santa gene” is turned on. You have not lost the ability to focus; you have lost the desire to focus on you. 

I think you know exactly what you want for Christmas; you want the Light to continue to overflow through you and into all those you come in contact with. You want to be an expression of joy, compassion and love. You want to demonstrate thoughtfulness and understanding. You want to live aligned with your highest values and live true to your highest purpose. You want to live in grace and allow Spirit to work through you.

All the best,

Six Basic Human Needs

This is Day 39 of my GREAT SANTA ADVENTURE 2013 and I have been thinking about my life, our lives, and recogninzing and embracing our basic human needs. Here's what I mean…

Santa Ed Appears on MTV

Saturday afternoon, while I was eating an excellent catered lunch on the “Lucy Stage” (the home of the I Love Lucy show at The Lucy Stge Ridiculousness 2Hollywood Center Studio), it dawned on me, I’m an entertainer.

A few minutes earlier I appeared on Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show “Ridiculousness” with Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I loved entertaining the studio audience of 100 or so and I loved the thought of entertaining the millions of home viewers who will see the show when it airs on December 1st.

I appeared on the show as Santa Claus and my personal mission was to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in the hearts and minds of all who watch the show. At the same time I had to be fun, funny and entertaining. I think I accomplished all of my objectives.

Ridiculousness CastTwo years ago I would never have even imagined having this experience and 4 days ago I lived it, and LOVED it.

A while back one of my clients said “I love the way you continually re-invent yourself.” Reinvent myself… hmmm… I don’t see it quite that way. I think I’m simply discovering myself and discovering new things about myself.

I love to discover new things about myself, expand my comfort zones and increase my personal impact. I also love to live an adventure. I love to think that I entertain people, make them smile and increase their happiness. And, hopefully, I also inspire people by both my words and deeds.

As my old friend Tony Robbins says, “The past does not equal the future”. 2 years from now you can be experiencing things that you can’t even imagine today. 2 weeks from now new doors cans swing open and 2 minutes from now you can take an action that moves you in an exciting, fulfilling, new direction.

All the best,

The making of an amazing day…

To start the day I shot my first TV commercial. It was for the city of Palm Springs and will air in the LA area during the holidays.

Next, I called my daughter and wished her and her husband a happy 1 month anniversary. Tears of happiness still overcome me when I think of their amazing wedding.Santa Greenscreen shoot

Next I was on an terrific call with Will Wilkinson and Jody Colvard, two of my collaborators on the Wake Up and Be Happy project that I am very deeply involved with.

Then off to a meeting with my partners in Say Hello Santa, an exciting new App that provides video chats with Santa Claus.

Then, during the meeting I mentioned above, my agent called and congratulated me for landing the MTV show I auditioned for on Monday.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sounds like an amazing day, yes?

And it was, but…

Yesterday also included:

  • Getting up at 5:00AM
  • Being 800 miles away from my wife for the 17th day in a row.
  • 2 hours of stop & go LA morning traffic
  • 1 hour of waiting for a producer who was late to the set
  • Another 45 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic
  • Leaving my Santa bag at the studio (I’ll retrieve it today)
  • Another 1 hour in traffic
  • Another 2 hours (from 8:30 to 10:30PM) following up with my marking clients and responding to emails.

All said and done- 17.5 hours… and YES, it truly WAS an AMAZING DAY.

Yes, the day included both positive and negative elements, ALL days do, but I get to setup MY own mental algorithm. I get to CHOOSE how much weight I give to each of the events in my life. For me positive events carry a lot of weight and negative events carry very little. I do not deny the negatives; I simply don’t give them much power, attention, or thought. The result- AMAZING DAYS!

Oh and doing, the getting up early, paying the price of bumper to bumper traffic (or whatever) and staying up late to meet your commitments, all while doing what you are truly PASSIONATE about plays a big part too.  🙂

How have you set your mental algorithm? Are giving negative events too much power? If so, why? 

All the best,

Blowing Smoke… Away

For most of the last 5 weeks several large forest fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California have filled the little valley I live in with smoke. Depending on how the wind was blowing some days were better than others, but for many of the days the smoke was very dense. Forecasters predicted the fires would burn until November and the smoke would persist for Ashland Smokemonths.

Yesterday and the day before we had rain, lots of rain. Heavy rain like this in August is very unusual in our area and for the first time in over a month I'm looking across the valley and seeing perfect blue skies and white puffy clouds.  

How We Deal With the Fires and Smoke in Our Lives…

Many people here allowed the smoke and haze to shift their focus. Much of the local conversation shifted to "how bad it is". This was the topic of casual grocery store conversations as well as deeper heath related discussions. Medical practitioners even reported an increase in depression.  

Me, and a number of my local friends, took a different approach to the smoke. We simply accepted it. Some of my friends simply left the area, deciding a time was perfect for trip to the coast. I was very involved in preparing for my daughter's wedding so my wife and I stayed. We took actions to protect ourselves both physically and psychologically, we kept the doors closed, we used an air filter, etc., but we were not unhappy or depressed, we simply accepted what is and held  an energy of positive anticipation, hope. We believed for the winds to shift in a way that would minimize the smoke in the area on the day of, and the days surrounding, my daughters' wedding.

As you probably have guessed I'm now seeing the fires and smoke as a metaphor. The fires that caused the smoke were many miles away… we were in no danger from the fires themselves. The fires were natural, caused by lightening, we were simply downwind.

Fires of all kinds, both near and far, produce smoke and that smoke often blows our way. The fire might be a child, or parent, or anyone else, not behaving in a way we like and the smoke is how we interpret that behavior. The fire might be the economy or a tough break at work, and the smoke is dwelling on the future rather than taking action in the present.

We all experience many fires, and many winds. The fires are a natural part of life and relationship, and they are often far way, they are in the past or a projection into the future. Most of the time right now, the present,  even with the smoke and the haze, is pretty good. When the smoke is REALLY thick we can be tempted to shift our focus to the negative rather than simply accepting what is and doing, in the present, what we can to make now better.  

ashland blue skiesWe must, in the thick smoke, close our doors and stop dwelling on the smoke. We must take action, plug in an air filter, that is, think clean thoughts, recycle the positive and filter out the negative.

The fires of life come and go, the smoke is thick at times, but the wind, and your own purifiers will provide relief, and in time, the rain will clear all of the smoke away. And very often that time is much shorter than you think. This too shall pass.

By the way, the winds we believed for came and blew the smoke away on the wedding day… and the honeymoon is under clear blue skies. Oh yes, and it is still only August… not November.

All the best, 

My Daughter’s Wedding- A New Emotion

My only daughter was married last Saturday… and it was amazing!

Tears? Yes, I shed a few. Laughter? Yes, a LOT.

But here's what surprised me, after the wedding I felt a calm, a sort of inner release. It was as if I knew she was going to be in good hands.

I'm not sure but this may be a very typical father of the bride response, but I don't think I'm a very typical father of the bride (but perhaps I am). I have ALWAYS known she was going to be alright. She was a wonderful child who has grown into a wonderful woman. I have never worried about her. So why the "ahhhh, she is in good hands" feeling?

I don't know the answer, but I do know this- it has to do with love. The grooms love for my daughter, her love for him and my love for both of 0786a7d20bwebthem… and the love my wife and I share. Somehow I know that my wife completes me even though I am also capable of being complete on my own.

I don't have the words to describe the emotion I experienced for the first time after the wedding, but it was good.

Why I Embraced Being Santa So Fully

I was asked the other day why I have embraced being Santa so fully, especially since I’m not a huge fan of consumerism and the commercialization of Christmas.

Santa Smile No Hat 09-12 small

Here’s my answer- Santa Claus is the only male cultural icon who is all about peace, joy, giving, and caring for other people. For me that’s part of the magic, and it’s part of who I am at the deepest level. In a culture where we've become commercialized and programmed to respond to manufactured icons and brands Santa Claus offers an organic connection to our best traits and behaviors.

What I embrace is the Spirit of Santa. This is what I have come to represent in recent years, both physically as walking icon and behaviorally as an embodiment of authentic happiness and joy.

Following Our Dreams – video

Here's how I ended up being featured in a music video last week. It's amazing what doors open when we follow our dreams.