Imagine driving down the street, or a busy LA freeway and having people roll down their windows and yell "Hey Santa", or "I love you Santa Claus".

Imagine being in a grocery store or a gas station or walking on the beach and having people say hi, or smile, or ask if they can have a picture with you. Imagine getting hugs from children, women and even men.

Baby and Santa 2This is my real life, not just when I'm wearing my Santa suit and hat, but when I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or jeans and a sweat shirt. 

Because of my beard and hair my looks make me an icon of love, a symbol of generosity. I am seen as Santa Claus!

Now here's the deal… this open affection from others has cracked me wide open. My Spirit, my soul, is now much more exposed.

I truely feel as if I radiate love. I know this sounds weird but I'm not making this up and I'm not saying this as some type of brag (it's way too weird for that right?). I'm saying that people often tell me that they FEEL better when they are around me. 

I believe this is because of my "energy" and that my energy affects the energy of others. This is a bit "out there" but I have lots of reasons to believe the way I do and I'll explain them in the videos you will receive with the "9 Greatest Gifts of All" booklet.

Yes, I'm nice and I do care about people, I aspire to be non-judgmental and to not hold judgment but Even Dog Liks Santa 2mostly I am a mirror, perhaps a mirror with a bit of magnifying power, like one of those make-up mirrors with a light around the rim, I reflect the love I receive, amplify it a bit because of all of the other love I receive, and pass it back. 

After reluctantly volunteering to be Santa Claus for a charity event in 2003 I actually became Santa the next year (I was 50), but here's the twist; rather than gaining weight I lost it, in fact I lost 110 pounds.

As the story unfolds I was visited by spirits, not the Spirit of Christmas past, present and future but the actual spirits of deceased loved ones. The plot thickens as the years pass.  I let my hair and beard grow longer, and whiter, but most importantly my experiences and stories begin to improve the lives of people around me and around the world.

My mission is to increase happiness around the world and to help people see life from a more empowering, more joyful perspective.

I believe in the healing power of Our Greatest Gifts of All. I believe these gifts are bestowed by our creator and are available to each of us.

These gifts cannot be taken away by spouses, partners, bosses, parents, children or anyone else. These Greatest Gifts are unalienable, they are easy to identify, and use, and they do not expire.

Here's the ONLY catch; each of us individually must discover these gifts for ourselves.

Here's the challenge. Things that are easy to do are also easy NOT to do.

We have all heard the old saying; an apple a day keeps the… doctor away. What if that were true? You would say; wow, that would be easy to do, an apple a day to keep the doctor away. What's the problem? It's also easy NOT to do.

Santa Ed & Neale Walsch 2012My gifts to you are not the Gifts themselves, you already have them. What I'm giving are reminders, tactics and stories that ignite the imagination and allow for new possibilities.

It's through these stories that life's greatest gifts can be received and deep personal happiness and contentment can spread, person to person, throughout the world.

You will learn more about me, my beliefs and my mission in the videos you will receive with the "The 9 Greatest Gifts of All".