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I want to thank you for joining me here for Gift 7 in our 9 Greatest Gifts series. I’m Santa Ed Taylor and this is the Gift of Faith.

Faith has helped me move through my darkest times. I’m not talking about religious faith, I’m talking about the Faith that springs from hope.

For me the Gift of Faith has been the most difficult of the 9 Gifts to receive. Faith asks that I believe something that I have no proof of, and that was not easy for me… at least not in the beginning.

Here’s what helped me receive this transforming Gift of Faith into my life.

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I realized that many of my beliefs, in fact most of my beliefs, I accept as true, I actually have no real proof of, or absolute certainty about. I recognized that the beliefs I accepted as true, and therefore had faith in, were more a matter of what I focused on than any empirical truth.

For example I have faith that my car will slow the next time I apply the brakes. But, if I chose to focus on the fact that there are more than 15,000 cases of brake failure every year.  More than 1,000 per month, over 30 per day, each and every day of the year, my faith could be undermined, not by the facts but by my focus.

Imagine how would I drive if my focus was on the brakes not working. I would probably drive very slowly and keep large distances between me and the car in front of me. I might avoid hills and mountains. I might even choose to not drive at all. My life would be very limited because of my self imposed lack of Faith.

Why? Because my focus was on brake failures. My focus could cause me to adopt a belief that is very true, brakes fail, and that belief could blind me to the bigger truth, brakes don't fail 99.99% of the time.


As we discussed in Gift 1 we can CHOOSE what we believe. I choose beliefs that will work in ways that serve me well, and I trust that if something does not work as I expect it to, if my brakes do fail, that will be OK too.

In recent years I have found that by choosing beliefs that allow me to have faith in myself, others and in nature, or what I often call Source or God, I can accept, with Grace, that I don't have all the answers. I accept (which means I choose to believe) what I don't understand will have a purpose in the bigger picture and, even though I don't understand that purpose, I accept people and circumstances the way they are.

But in the past I saw events quite differently… and my beliefs effectively kept me from receiving the Gift of Faith. Here’s the story…

For many years I took immense pride in being autonomous. For 30+ years as a salesperson, sales manager and business owner my income has been directly tied to my performance. I received what I deserved and I was responsible for what I received. I made my own breaks.

The events and people in my life were the events and people I deserved to have in my life (this very similar to the “I deserve” belief system that led to my obesity) .

The beliefs that resulted in me having that type of mind-set served to keep hidden what I now see as a bigger picture, the rest of the iceberg.
For nearly all of my life my focus was on being independent and self reliant. 

I focused on me. I even consciously adopted the belief in my late 30's that "If it's to be it's up to me."

Looking back I can now see that it was shortly after adopting this belief many of the events in my life went in directions that were much different than they would have if "what was to be was really up to me".

Today I see my unique skills, talents and gifts as being connected to a much larger community and Universal Energy.

I believe that I am part of a much bigger, totally interconnected, reality and me getting what I want, and becoming what I want to become, is totally reliant on the relationships I have with myself and others.


I have chosen to focus on events and to adopt beliefs that now allow me to have faith in the system that I now see myself being a part of.
So what are the "To Do Steps" you can use to fully receive the Gift of Faith into your life?

  1. Understand Faith. Faith is just another word for confidence. Confidence that what you expect to happen will happen, whether it be the brakes working in your car, or this vision of a business, or for me, my vision for this Greatest Gifts of All project.
  2. Where You Lack Faith Gain Knowledge.  There is information and evidence to support, or cause doubt about, anything you can think of. From brakes working to the afterlife. You get to choose your beliefs.
  3. Practice Faith. In Gift 6, Hope, I mentioned daydreaming and the emerging evidence showing how beneficial daydreaming can be. I have found that when I let my mind wander my thoughts can bridge the gaps between where I am now and where I would like to be. When I am in a hopeful state these new bridges can turn my hope into faith.

"Let's have faith in ourselves, each other and the mysterious forces that surround us."
Santa Ed Taylor

I have heard said that there is not enough room in your head for both worry and faith you must decide which one you are going to allow to live there. I choose Faith.


I would love to hear what role Faith has played in your life. Please leave your comments here on the website or join the discussion on Facebook at

Fully receiving the Greatest Gifts into our lives not only benefits us it benefits those around us, and those around them. Please forward website to your friends. Working together we will improve our world one person at a time.

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