9 Greatest Gifts

What are the Greatest Gifts of All?

The Greatest Gifts of All are birthright, God given, Gifts that allow us to experience greater meaning, contentment, and true joy in our lives.

These Gifts have been available to people for centuries. The challenge has always been in receiving them. The day to day activities and challenges of our lives too often prevent us from discovering and fully receiving these life changing Gifts.

Today we are in a very unique time, a time that is perfect for us to live the most wonderful lives ever possible on this planet. As a people we are smarter than we have ever been, we have more security than we have ever had, we have more leisure time than ever before, in a very real sense conditions are such that our human experience should be totally filled with happiness. We should feel totally fulfilled and content.

The reality is that many of us don't feel happy, content or fulfilled, in fact many of us feel our lives lack meaning and significance… we feel an emptiness, we feel something is missing from our lives.

And something is…

What's missing are the Greatest Gifts of All.

Today many people have become so busy, and so distracted, with "to do's", work, and entertainment options like TV, sporting events, moves and video games, with the Internet and cell phones and we're being bombarded with advertisements and sales messages everywhere we look. With all of this going on it's incredibly easy to lose sight of what is truly important in our lives, our relationships and living our lives in a way that is true to, and in alignment with, our Higher Self.

Just to be clear, what I'm calling our Higher Self is you, your total soul consciousness, your ultimate guide. Your Higher Self is the most perfect you in the universe, divinely connected and divinely inspired.

My friend Neale Donald Walsch puts it this way…

"Most of the things that are “wrong” with life on Earth in the 21st Century would right themselves by themselves if the majority of human beings simply refocused their attention on The Only Thing That Matters.

Santa Neale Donald Walsch small

And what, exactly, is that?

It is the Agenda of the Soul. It is the Sacred Journey. It is the Divine Purpose. All of these are facets of the same diamond."  See Neal's book- The Only Thing That Matters

The Greatest Gifts of All are beliefs, virtues and practices we can adopt to help us connect, and live in alignment, with our Higher Self, what Neale calls the "Agenda of the Soul". This is the source of true happiness our lives as well as the source of personal meaning, significance and contribution.

In the 9 Greatest Gifts video series I share my personal experiences and provide specific steps anyone can take to fully receive each of the 9 Greatest Gifts into their lives.

This program, The 9 Greatest Gifts, is about change…

This change does not happen in the ways we usually think of change happening by doing things differently, by changing our behaviors, getting new habits, setting new goals and all the rest…

The changes I'm talking about are deeper, they come from a more core, internal, place. These changes are more related to – who we really are. Our "Higher Self".

These changes affect our "being" rather than our "doing". That is, these changes start to automatically occur, without effort, as a result of who we become rather than by what we consciously do.

In my experience it was easier, and more fulfilling, to clearly identify who I REALLY am and then BE that, than to try to "will" myself to consistently DO things that are not aligned with my beliefs or values.

Living in alignment with our "Higher Self" is not based on our past or our future, it's based on what we innately, intuitively, know is right for us.

Through the 9 Greatest Gifts videos, I provide ideas, concepts experiences, exercises and processes that I hope will make it easy for you to fully receive these Greatest Gifts of All and maximize their benefits in your life.

I wish you all the best of everything,


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