2 Courageous Questions that Forever Changed my Life

My focus here is business. Can you think of a question that you had to muster up courage to ask but once asked the answer had a dramatic, life changing, impact on your business or career?

I’m sure I’ve had several but 2 come to mind instantly. One happened 31 years ago, the other happened 3 days ago.

31 years ago the courageous question was this- “Would you mind if a reserved a seat next to yours so we could talk for a while on the flight?” I asked this question to the headlining speaker at a conference I was going to attend in Cincinnati. He said, “Sure, I’ll Courage CS Lewisconnect you with my assistant and she can get you my flight info.” That was it!

After the 4 hour flight we were great friends. He invited me to join him for a reception in his suite and introduced me to all of the movers and shakers at the convention. Less the 2 years later I had 2 companies in a bidding war to hire me… all because I asked that one weird question.

The other courageous question I asked 3 days ago. I was shooting a TV commercial in LA. At the conclusion of the shoot I was outside taking photos with some of the staff and crew. I happened to notice the director standing on the lawn alone, I went over and thanked him for hiring me and let him know I had a great time… then came courageous question. Just an FYI, he is a VERY esteemed director with more than 100 credits under his belt, I knew he had auditioned dozens of people for this role, I asked; “What was it that caused you select me for this role?”

His answer (which I’m not doing to disclose due to the unique competitive advantage it will give me in this incredibly competitive field) will forever affect and undoubtedly improve how I perform at auditions.

MY TIP– Develop the where-with-all, the confidence and the courage to think up and ask great questions when those unique opportunities arise. 

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